your style adventure


Let’s create a wardrobe you love, authentic to you and your lifestyle.

In a mindful and eco-friendly way.

soul starter

style mentor session

This is an hour session to help you solve your most burning style question.  Maybe you’re looking for a new piece and want directions on sustainable brands to shop?  Maybe you’d like some fresh ideas on how to style a few pieces in your wardrobe? Maybe you need some guidance on defining your style or keen to know the three pieces that will add value to your wardrobe this season? Or maybe you’re looking to go more sustainable, but don’t know where to start?  I can help you with all of this and more.

This session is online making it easy to fit into your busy lifestyle and I will send a follow up of items we’ve discussed after the session.


soul balance

style consult +
wardrobe edit

Let’s turn chaos into calmness, shall we? We’ll cleanse this intimate and sacred space to one that brings you joy and deeper connection.  In this wardrobe edit session, we’ll bring new life to old favourites, either through mixing and matching pieces you already own, or looking at how we can up-cycle pieces.  We’ll also learn to say goodbye to things that no longer work for you, clearing past energy,  so that you can find your true balance and equilibrium so you feel revived and refreshed.  Tapping into your true ‘soul style’ we’ll identify the gaps in your existing wardrobe so you’re ready to shop with confidence and focus.

Add on:  For true balance and organisation, why not add a new set of hangers? It will help you care for your clothes, help create a calmer space. Price on application.

Simone researching online

soul shine

style consult +
slow fashion shopping session

Whether you feel overwhelmed when you hit the shops, you’re in need of a little refresh, you’ve had a body shape change, need the perfect outfit for a special event or your branding photoshoot, this is the ideal way to find pieces that soulfully represent you.

Did you know most of us wear a piece of clothing just 7 times?  Is that a good investment of your hard earned cash?  Let’s maximise your wardrobe’s wearability, reduce it’s environmental impact and save some dollars along the way.  I want to introduce you to pieces you’ll wear beyond 7 times, sustainable and/or ethical brands, rental options and preloved options.

This session isn’t so much about walking away with lots of pieces, but building your shopping confidence about what to look for, for your style and shape.  Our focus will be on preloved stores with a mix of sustainable brands.