hey! I’m simone

Melbourne-based sustainable stylist and lover of all things mindful style.

Here to empower you to have fun with what you wear in a way that is gentler on the planet.

I don’t believe in creating the perfect outfit or getting too caught up in the style rules, it’s about wearing pieces that tell a story, your story.

Let’s create a wardrobe you love – heart-centred and one you look forward to wearing every day!

my story

Personal style is a journey and mine continues to evolve, but what I do know is that once I started shopping more mindfully I’ve become more confident and content with my style.

I’ve released the pressures of trying to always feel on trend and that voice that once used to be able to justify any crazy spend for the ‘so-called’ perfect outfit. I curate my wardrobe with pieces that have value and meaning, ones that I can’t wait for you to ask me about, so I can tell you exactly the story behind them – a thrifted treasure, a rescued gem, an investment in a business I admire, an investment in my community, a souvenir from a distant trip.

I’ve been styling for almost a decade now, conducting one-on-one sessions and delivering numerous group workshops, following studying Advanced Styling at the Australian Style Institute.  I’ve seen the impact clothes have on all of us, I’ve witnessed how clothes connect us all, empower us and disempower us. I’ve seen an industry try to evolve only to repeat the same mistakes.

But, I’m excited to BE part of the change the fashion industry needs right now.

I’m here to empower you to:

  • Shop more mindfully
  • Reduce clothing going into landfill
  • Create a circular or capsule wardrobe
  • Feel more in control of your style and ehance your creativity
  • Create a more values-based wardrobe
  • Consume less, wear more
  • Find the joy in shopping and fashion again (but in a mindful way!)
  • Help you tell your story through clothes

I’m here to assist sustainable fashion businesses and organisations:

  • Reach their values aligned customer
  • Provide inspiration for a better way of consuming
  • Create opportunities for customers to deepen their connection with your brand and your pieces
  • Educate and provide greater awareness

I invite you to join me on this journey!

what I believe

style is about telling your story
Style isn’t about perfection. It’s about telling a story … your story.  It’s the tiny touches and the eclectic pieces and the timeless choices we make. It’s about going an adventure into your heart and soul. Together, we’ll dive in deep to find out what’s important to you and where you aspire to be. We’ll build your style foundations around these values to help you become the best version of you.

a well-curated wardrobe means more time for you
I believe less is more and time is precious. I believe style shouldn’t cost the earth.  Save money and learn how to create the ultimate ‘mindful’ wardrobe (and reduce your environmental footprint too). A carefully-selected wardrobe means more time for the things you love. You’ll spend less time on meaningless shopping trips or standing in front of your wardrobe wandering what on earth to wear. I want to give you some serious body love and shopping confidence so you can make time for life’s other joys.

when you feel safe, your dreams take flight
When we work together, I create a comfortable and authentic space where you feel loved and respected. A space where you don’t feel judged, inadequate or unworthy. A place where you can check in with who you really are and where you want to be. A place to reconnect with your body, your mind and your soul.

personal style is about how you feel
It’s not about the clothes, but how we feel in them. I believe style is about discovering the power that clothes and fabric have on you. When we put something on that makes us feel amazing, we shine. We radiate positive energy and we share our love, light and grace with the world. 

there is only one of you
And that is your power. Fast fashion has made women feel like we don’t have enough and we always need more. I believe you are enough. I want to empower you to create your own unique style. It’s not about becoming a new you, because you’re fabulous: why would we want to replace you? It’s about becoming the best version of you and helping you live the life of your dreams.